Volunteering at a New York Road Runners event is the perfect way to give back, connect with your community, and get inspired before your next race. Here are three reasons to sign up to volunteer today:

1. Earn rewards: Volunteers get +1 credit toward our 9+1 program for guaranteed entry to the TCS New York City Marathon (NYRR members only) and a special souvenir.

2. Connect with like-minded people: In the off-season or while you’re recovering from an injury, stay in touch with your fellow runners by volunteering. You’ll get news about the community, updates on what’s happening at NYRR, and have an opportunity to talk shop with people who share your love of the sport.

3. Enjoy the views: When you volunteer on the course, you get a front-row seat to see your running heroes in action.

Ready to get involved? Below is a list of ways you can give back to the running community.

Register to Volunteer

Bring a Group

Volunteer Groups earn guaranteed entries to the following year’s TCS New York City Marathon, and have access to volunteer opportunities in the TCS New York City Marathon and NYRR Five-Borough Series. Groups include schools, service clubs, athletic teams, church groups, alumni groups, companies, and more!

Become a Volunteer Leader

Volunteer Leaders are individuals who are interested in greater responsibility at the TCS New York City Marathon. Leaders help check in other volunteers, give orientations, and provide support by facilitating a positive volunteer experience.

TCS New York City Marathon

More than 10,000 volunteers assist at the TCS New York City Marathon and at related events in the week leading up to the race. Opportunities to volunteer at the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon are available now through My NYRR.

Community Matters

NYRR is committed helping NYC grow and thrive. Community service allows NYRR members to give back by partnering with organizations and helping where we are needed.

Youth and Community Services

We count on regular volunteers to encourage and engage with young runners on the course and at our many special events. Becoming a YCS volunteer is a commitment to be involved more than once—but the rewards will be worth it.

Volunteer Guidelines

Please review our guidelines before signing up for your next volunteer opportunity. When you sign up to volunteer at an event, you will receive a detailed reminder three to four days before your scheduled event.